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Reenacting Organizations
Living History Reenactment Association (LHRA)
WWII Historical Reenactment Society (HRS)
Second Infantry Division, Florida reenactors

Midwest Reenactor Board
WWII Reenactors Forum
LHRA Message Board

The War by Ken Burns
Flags of Our Fathers
The Great Raid
Saints and Soldiers

G.I. Intelligence Department
The National World War Two Memorial
Olive-Drab Military Information H.Q.
Roberts Armory
Major Dick Winters' Website
Camp Grant Museum & Command Post Restaurant

Militaria Vendors
At The Front, World War Two
Moore Militaria, Vietnam War
Schipper Fabrik, World War I
Great War Militaria, World War I
What Price Glory, Multiple Time Periods
WW2 Quartermaster Depot, World War II

Specialty Vendors
M1940 Dog Tag Chain
McQuality Nose Art Studio
The Signal Depot

Veterans' Organizations
Honor Flight
Jane Froman Centennial
Guitars for Vets